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12. října 2008 v 20:14 | my_world |  ANA life
My disease is a strange little thing,
it comes in packages marked "super thin",
and my friends always say "can't you see?"
I reply "I just want to be me."

So I continue to starve myself to death,
the tinyiest grape makes me hold my breath,
as my family go on and stare,
I have to think "Am I getting there?"

Am I getting closer to size number two?
I feel so fat, At least I think I do...
How long will it take before they have a clue?
I dont want to be ordenary like you.

my disease is caused by what I see,
those OBEASE arround me.
how the media says it's okay to be fat,
I have to say FUCK THAT.

I want total control over my skin,
To be able to resist everything in the name of being thin.
Its not about the skinny people I see,
It's just how i want to be.

I want to feel my ribs hips and thighs,
theyll get smaller by avoiding pies,
junk and other crap, I say no to that,
and no to anything but water too.

I drove away my friends saying I don't want to eat
I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat,
I don't care if you think I'm too thin
maybe your fat, either way I win.

But now it has taken over me like a curse,
And I tell you now in my last verse,
fear of fat makes it ever worse,
anorexia isn't glamourous or cool.
This might kill me, I'm such a fool.

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